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JENNA With Our Bronze Finish

Posted by Corey Brown July © 2009

Jenna enjoying The out side playing in the Grass...



Posted by Corey Brown July © 2009

This is one of many great photos we got from Our Senior session with Ariell


An IOWA Sunset

Posted by Corey Brown July © 2009


Chicago Sky Line

Posted by Corey Brown June © 2009

Chicago the City of Wind. Chicago is a very beautiful city as long as you take a step back from the hustle and bustle. This is only a partial of a skyline shot that was done for a commercial sub shop. The final print will be close to 14 feet wide, as soon as it is hung I encourage you to check it out.



Posted by Corey Brown July © 2009



Posted by Corey Brown On 9:48 PM 0 comments
With Thanksgiving coming up in just two weeks I have decided to do a series of blogs on things to be thankful for. Today's is the first installment of this series.
Jenna Jan 2009
I have chosen the first day of a couple's married life together. All of us that are married remember how happy and elated we were on that day. You have so many hopes and dreams for the future. All too often in the ensuing years life gets in the way of those hopes and dreams. It is all too easy to forget how we felt that day. In this season of Thanksgiving I encourage you to think back to that day and let your spouse know how thankful you are that you get to spend the rest of your days with him or her. Until next time - God Bless Sabrina Brown (Glory 2 Jesus 4 Photography)

Google sidewiki any good for search?

Posted by Corey Brown On 3:21 PM 0 comments

very neat Idea. Will this help websites with SEO and other search formats?

in reference to: Google Sidewiki (view on Google Sidewiki)

Bees Collecting every last bit

Posted by Corey Brown On 12:59 AM 1 comments
As Summer is coming to an end the animal kingdom is franticly collecting there winter harvests insects included. This makes one of the best times to try and photograph bees.

I really like the challenge of photographing bees. Bees jump from flower to flower always moving making a difficult subject to capture at times especially if you are tying to capture a bee in flight.

This is always my goal to capture a bee in flight and I wish I could share a sure fire way to capture bees in flight. Unfortunately I have not mastered this yet which is probably why I like trying so much. The best advice I can offer is to just stock the bee. Follow it everywhere trying to get your photo never taking your eye off the view finder. The only problem with this is that you can trip or stumble over things so use some caution. Also to capture a crisp sharp in focuse shot of a bee in flight is to have a fast shutter speed. By fast I am talking above 1000th of a sec and up. In some conditions you will need to use a wide open F stop like 2.8. This will give you less margin for error due to the shallower depth of field so raising your ISO is usually the first step in keeping a fast shutter speed with a good exposure. This is only good up to a point when the high ISO will degrade the quality of your photo. As always feel free to ask any questions and leave your comments and feedback.

Corey Brown (Glory 2 Jesus 4 Photography)

Olympus 14-35 SWD Review by Brandoneu

Posted by Corey Brown On 12:42 AM 0 comments
A Buddy of mine wrote this review and as soon as I read it I had to ask if I could link it through my blog. This is a link Review of the 14-35 SWD Olympus SHG Lens.

Olympus 14-35 SWD Review
Image by Brandon Eu Photograpy
The newest SHG flagship lens. If you shoot with a 4/3 body professionally or as a serious hobbyist it is definitely a lens you have to check out. Click the title or photo to go to his review or HERE
I hope you take the time to check out Brandon's Review as well as his blog. As always feel free to leave your comments, feedback, and questions. Thanks, Corey Brown (Glory 2 Jesus 4 Photography)

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